I Loved Going Back To Teaching After A Gap Of 18 Years

Though I never hoped I’ll be able to do it all over again

Richa Khare
5 min readAug 22, 2021


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I started teaching immediately after completing my studies. After finishing my master degree in Physics, I started as a senior secondary Physics teacher at a school. What started as a means for time to pass and a steady income source soon became a passion.

I loved interacting and talking to children. They were so energetic and full of curiosity, I felt overwhelmed to answer their non-ending queries. Apart from just their teacher, a special bond formed between me and the students. Slowly, I became involved with their day to day life and persona.

Many a time it happened students came to me with their problems. Sometimes it was related to studies, other times more personal stuff, like a tiff with their friend or a problem at home. I tried to solve it whenever I could. My fellow teachers remarked that I was getting too much involved with the students and I should maintain a formal distance between us.

But I wanted a friendly and informal relationship between me and the students. And this approach helped me. Most of the students listened to whatever I told them and abided by the discipline without any shouting or punishment.

Like all good things, my time with students also ended too soon when I got married and had to move to another city with my husband. My students cried their hearts out! Sadly, I had to bid them farewell.

A new life starts

After marriage, I got busy and forgot everything about my career and teaching. Later, I satisfied my teaching urges by participating in my daughters’ studies.

After a gap of almost 18 years, I decided to take up teaching once again. Luckily, I got accepted as a middle school Mathematics teacher. Though I had some idea how teaching has changed in recent years, nothing could prepare me for my first day!

Learning shock!

I just prepared a lesson and a few questions and reached the school. When I was teaching previously, all the teacher did was bring a textbook in the class, read from it, explain, and solve a few questions. That’s it.



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