I realized how lucky and fortunate I am

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Books have always been a very important part of my life. My love relation with books started as soon as I could read. When other kids my age were busy playing dollhouse and other games, I preferred sitting in a quiet corner with anything I could read. I just got immersed in the magical world of books and felt connected to the characters.

When we are young, we mostly read fairy tales and animal stories. These stories present us with a false reality of the world. We think that the world is full of happiness and magic. But as we grow up, we come to know the real truth that the world is not just a happy and carefree place. …


Richa Khare

Writer at heart ❤️, blogger by passion , I like to write about my experiences in life and have made a sweet home for my thoughts at www.lifeaholicricha.com

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