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But destiny had other plans

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“Stupid! Good for nothing”, saying this George stormed out of the room leaving a tearful Kim reeling in confusion. “ What did I say?”, she wondered. But this wasn’t new, some or the other day this happened without exception. This time she had forgotten to call him from the supermarket to enquire whether he wanted something and thus was awarded these words. Sighing, Kim continued with her everyday chores.

In some time it’ll be time for kids to be home and lunch had to be ready by then. No time to sulk. Looking at the clock she wondered whether she’ll be able to complete everything in time and be ready to pick up the kids. It was useless to ask George, her husband of 17 years for any help. …

From white sands to green waters to serenity; it offers everything

Phi Phi islands
Phi Phi islands
Photo by author

Nestled in the green jeweled sea between Phuket and Krabi in Thailand is a hidden gem named Phi Phi Island. Breathtaking exotic beaches, white sands, lush greenery, abundant wildlife, water adventures, happening nightlife, exotic cuisine: You name it and it has all.

I visited this beautiful island in February 2019 with my family of four; me, my husband, and my two daughters. Normally it’s recommended to take a day trip here from either Phuket or Krabi. But we already visited Phi Phi island for a day in November 2015 from Phuket and felt the need to explore more. …

Just a few simple steps and changes in lifestyle: that’s it

Simple things to maintain constant weight
Simple things to maintain constant weight
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

For the last many years (15 years to be precise), my weight has been more or less constant. It’s been 58 kgs for my 5ft 2in height which is considered normal. Even though I eat everything without any dieting or follow any special and fancy diet plan, I have never put on more than one kg weight ever.

So, how do I do it? Today, I see everyone struggling with their weight. I know many people (including friends and family) who claim they don’t eat any unhealthy and junk food still gain weight continuously. So, what am I doing differently?

This observation really put me thinking and reflecting on my everyday habits. …

It’s time we leave pseudo-feminism and focus on real problems

Birth control methods are targeted at the wrong gender
Birth control methods are targeted at the wrong gender
Photo by Alex Hockett on Unsplash

Kids are tough, but there has to be some penalty for sex.

Humans and Dolphin are few of the creatures who have sex for pleasure. While we don’t know about dolphins, we certainly don’t want a kid every time we have sex. So, the need for some type of contraception method arises.

For times immemorial, we have known about various methods of contraception which are all targeted primarily at women. All things related to conception and birth procedure were always considered as a woman’s domain. …

Learn about the differences between the two and decide what’ll work for you

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How many times have you wondered what would work better for me from yoga vs gym? While we keep hearing the benefits of Yoga and how good it is for our external as well as inner health, exercising in a gym with Aerobics or Zumba classes have their own benefits.

I have been regular with a workout for the last many years engaging in one or the other form according to suitability and accessibility to me. Started with regular cardio in my building gym in Mumbai after my first daughter started with school. Normal treadmill, cross trainer and cycling along with some floor exercise worked just fine for me. …

But who says there’s any competition going on the road?

Girls drive safely than men
Girls drive safely than men
Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

“You drive so slowly!” “No! Don’t overtake like this.” “For God’s sake now drive properly, for how many years are you driving anyways?”

These are some comments we keep hearing from our male counterparts all through our lives. Be it our father, brother, boyfriend, or husband. Each time, they find faults with our driving techniques and hence excuse to not let us drive.

I dread driving with my husband on the passenger seat for this reason. Instead of hearing running commentary the whole time, I prefer sitting on the side, even though I love driving and he hates it.

A man and woman were made very different from each other. All of us have read the book “Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus.” That book is extremely true in most cases — both of us have our own qualities and properties. …

Talent means something exotic, right?

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Photo by Hello I'm Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

I always thought I was a talentless person. Though I was good at academics in school that wasn’t any talent, right? By talent, it means something exceptional like singing, dancing, sport etc. I could only study well and get good marks in exams.

Although, I enjoyed writing in both my mother tongue (Hindi) and English, and always got good marks in essays and story writing, but never considered it as a talent. Then, with time, I graduated in science stream and my love of writing got forgotten.

I was always very ambitious and wanted to make a successful career for myself. But destiny had other plans for me and I couldn’t achieve my dreams. But lack of any personal identity other than my husband’s wife and my kids’ mother, disturbed me always at the back of my mind. …

I realized how lucky and fortunate I am

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Books have always been a very important part of my life. My love relation with books started as soon as I could read. When other kids my age were busy playing dollhouse and other games, I preferred sitting in a quiet corner with anything I could read. I just got immersed in the magical world of books and felt connected to the characters.

When we are young, we mostly read fairy tales and animal stories. These stories present us with a false reality of the world. We think that the world is full of happiness and magic. But as we grow up, we come to know the real truth that the world is not just a happy and carefree place. …

When doctors couldn’t help, I helped myself.

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Image by khamkhor from Pixabay

We keep hearing how Asthma is an incurable disease and it’s a lifelong companion, though unwanted. I believed so too before I took matters in my hands for the betterment. I was sure that with the right approach and will power I can win against the battle with asthma and I did at last. In this story, I want to tell you how I accomplished the unattainable and assure you too that it’s possible for everyone. Maybe you know someone who must be struggling with this disease and not finding a way out. …

How green tea benefits us inside and out: all about the health benefits of drinking green tea every day.

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It’s 6:30 am, soothing music in my ears, one hand on the wheel, feet on the accelerator and a steaming hot cup of Green Tea in my other hand. Yes, having green tea while driving my kids to school in the morning is my new love (what did u think 😉).

Having heard about the numerous benefits of green tea, I’ve wanted to try it for a long time. But almost everyone advised to have it empty stomach and being a long time thyroid patient I have to take medicine first thing in the morning and can have anything only half an hour later. By the time, that half-hour gets over, its time for breakfast because hunger takes over. …

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